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Photo by Albert Straaf

Photo by Albert Straaf

I am noticing that I’ve fallen into a routine for the last 2 months. I’ve gone into work knowing exactly what needs to be done, get into meetings, and get what I need done at a bare minimum. I have to say running lean like this has been be helpful as I am focusing on the right big rocks. Unfortunately, it’s the medium sized rocks that I’m worried about. The items that’s been sitting in my to do lists for weeks now without the me paying any attention. These are my medium size rocks that can be my big rocks any minute now if I neglect them. It’s a bit difficult to look at those items when I’ve exerted so much energy trying to deal with the big rocks of the day that I just don’t want to think about the other things.

I’m getting conflicted advice when it come to what to do on your off time. I hear people say you should plan it all out and have something on the horizon to deal with those other items. Others have said just go home and not focus on work. Spend your time winding down from work. It’ll be beneficial for your mental health as your brain can shutdown stress-free and can even subliminally solve some of your work problems.

My boss has told me swimming & bicycling has allowed him to really think about things and get resolution and relaxation. Unfortunately, I don’t have an activity where I can zone out and just think. I mean bicycling use to be it but I’m lacking the motivation to even want to ride a bike right now. Maybe yoga. I’m too cheap to buy a yoga mat, towel, and attend a class or two. So far I’ve only been to 2 sessions. I’m yearning for an activity to do. Something new and refreshing. Something I haven’t done before.

So frustrated with myself for being so nonchalant. I gotta get out of this rut of nothingness. I really need a break.

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  1. Cynthia says:

    Look on Groupon for a Boot Camp class. Marie and I did a six week trial and loved it. You’ll feel motivated to go since you won’t want to waste the money and you’ll be making time for your health.

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